Terms of Service

This Term of Service is basically a software license agreement between you and ModulesGuru. You should understand that in this in agreement, “You” refers to the individual, any organization, or any company which is taking the aid of our software development services. This agreement is applicable to all the services that are offered by ModulesGuru irrespective of the genre and expertise of the service.  We recommend you to read all these Terms of Services before using our software and other services. Once you read it, we comprehend that you are aware of our modus operandi and other service regulations. ModulesGuru coffers all the rights to do any alternative, necessary, and mandatory changes in these Terms of Services without any prior notice. However, the same will be updated on our official website simultaneous. It is recommended to check our website from time to time to stay updated with the legal compliance of our services.

1. Restrictions

As a loyal customer of ModulesGuru, you are obligated to keep the software restricted for personal use only. You can’t create a copy or generate the copy of the provided software to transmit it to others by illegal means. However, as a valuable client of ModulesGuru, you are eligible to ask for a machine-readable form of the software to use for backup purpose only.  You shall understand that in this case also we reserve all the copyrights and proprietary rights with us only.

You are also restricted to use the software for any malicious purpose like rent, license, lease, loan, resell, distribute, or publish it on social media. All these restrictions are applicable to other software related materials by default. In addition, you are also restricted to involve others in any illegal activities whenever the use of software and services offered by ModulesGuru is associated. Upon discovering such activity, we detain all the rights to take proper and immediate action against you and will terminate the service at earliest. You shall understand that you also posse the same sort of restriction while using any third-party services that tug along with ModulesGuru.

2. Ownership Rights

You are allowed to use the software and services offered by ModulesGuru as per the licensed based terms and conditions. We detain all the authority to grant, cancel, or suspend your service license at any point in time. Our decision to do is solely a matter of our choice. The software and services offered by ModulesGuru are governed by the Indian laws of copyrights and treaty provisions.  We keep a hold of all the rights associated with the service generation, trademark, logo, and trade secrets. Our software development service is divided into two categories: Custom Software Development and Product-based software development. When we develop custom software the right associated with the access source code is retained with the customer or the company for which the custom software has been developed. However, rights associated with renting assigning, leasing, sublicensing, and loaning are a reserve with us only.

Your usage of the software doesn’t grant you the intellectual rights associated with the said software. All the copies associated with the same software come with product copyrights and ModulesGuru owns it.

3. Termination or Cancelation of the service

ModulesGuru retains all the rights to terminate or cancel its services to you upon finding any infringing with the copyrights and intellectual property rights. Alongside, if we found that you tried renting, licensing, loaning, assigning and leasing the software going beyond the service licenses, the services are likely to get terminated without prior notice. Any non-adherence of our service term and condition will also restrict you to use our services.

The license of the product is very much in action and effective until termination. ModulesGuru allow grant you to terminate the service license as per your need and. Requirement. If any point of time if you uninstall the software and remove all the copies from the system, your services will be terminated by default.

4. Feedback

We understand the worth of customer feedback and seek it from you wholeheartedly. Once you avail our services, you are obliged to provide your feedback. You should understand that we reserve all the rights to use your feedback in various ways for the service promotion. By availing our service, you allow granting a perpetual, compressive, and royalty free virtual license to use, share, and post, modify and curate content from the feedback.

5. Delivery Policy

Once you pay for the services and software offered by ModulesGuru, you will gain an access to the software and services immediately. You can download the software right after receiving of receipt at our hand. We will notify you about the same over e-mail. The downloading of your software successfully would be considered as the product delivery from our side. We would provide you with a 5 days trial or grace period to download the software once we sent you the confirmation of the payment. If you are unable to download or facing any hurdles while downloading the software during this period, we will send our back-end team to resolve the issue. However, no communication from your side with the period of these five days would be considered as the successful downloading and service implementation. If you have availed our Custom Software Development service, the delivery would be as per the demand and in accordance with the terms of services.

6. Refund Policy

We have customer friendly refund policy and we suggest you read it carefully before availing any services of ours. Once you pay, install, and gain access to our software and services, we comprehend that you are aware with our refund policy and has availed our services in accordance with them.

For more detail refer to Refund Policy

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