Refund Policy

ModulesGuru is obliged to provide you with software development services with the user-friendly refund policy. We are obliged and committed to resolve, sort out, and provide assistance at any point in time while you are using our services. Our experience in the software developed arena makes us effect to eliminate any hurdle during the course of usage. In addition, our pro-active approach towards your concerns helps us to deliver par excellence service.

1. Free Access

As a part of our service license, you are eligible to avail 7-day free access to all our software development services.  This free access time period is crucial from the aspect of having an advanced and deep understanding of software and its feature, how it get operates and so on. It also helps to check it’s viable in real-time work situation of your organization and help you to make a conscious decision. It is always recommended to go for this free access to avoid any unnecessary hassles post-purchase.

2. Service Guarantee

All of our services come with 30 days of royalty-free guarantee. During that guarantee period, you can easily switch between two services or software upon finding any discomfort or irrelevancy of the services with your work environment.  However, each switch comes with an additional payment. We do not guarantee you that the service and the software will live up to your expectations.

3. Refund Process

As all the service offered by ModulesGuru falls in the category of non-tangible and non-returnable services, any refund request will not get entertained after the successful installation and service implementation. However, there is an exception in this clause. We only grant the refund when the software and not be installed and the refund request has been raised within 14 days of the purchase.  The approval of the refund is a subject matter of the software’s condition at a time of its returns. Any signs of tampering or misusage of the software will squash the refund claim. Being a responsible buyer, you should be aware of the refund policy beforehand.

The purchase of the product will be considered a conscious decision and no claim regarding the failure of the software to meet your expectation will be entertained. No refund requested made in case of open source products will be considered. So, we request you to make a careful and aware purchase.

4. Refund policy in case of Custom Software Development

The refund request raised in case of custom software development will get consideration and you are eligible to get a full or partial refund based on some facts.

  • You are eligible for 100% refund if the software development has not started yet.
  • You are eligible to get 50% refund of the total amount paid if the development has reached halfway.
  • You are eligible for 25% of refund when we have finished 75% or more development at the time of refund request has been made.

5. Refund policy in case of product services

If you have raised refund request associated with our product services like template generation, installation services, integration services and priority support then it will not be entertained as these services are non-tangible and non-returnable. However, the request will get consideration if we haven’t started working on the project.

You can be assured to get only quality services from our sides and we strive hard to meet up to your expectation. Our ability to pay attention to details and research during the service deliverance grants us an ability to deliver services which are already free from the probability of any refunds.

In case of any clarity regarding your refund request, kindly drop a mail with the related issue at

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